Trip To Punjab Isn’t Complete Without Trying Out These Punjabi Dishes.

Punjabi cuisine is one of the most delicious and popular Indian cuisines and comes from the Punjab region of both India and Pakistan. Punjab, apart from being known for its lush green fields, agriculture, and is known as the breadbasket of India, is also known for the delicious variety of food it has to offer. The rich, spicy and buttery flavors of these dishes paired with Basmati rice or Indian bread like ‘naan’ or ‘tandoori roti’ have made this cuisine popular around the globe.

These are some Punjabi dishes which are often enjoyed in the households of not only Punjab but many more cities and countries:

1.Langar Daal:

Also known as Amritsari Daal, this dish was first served at a dhaba (roadside eatery) outside the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

It is made of 2 lentils – Whole black gram (sabut urad dal) and Split Bengal gram (chana dal). This is a very popular dish served during langar in gurudwaras.

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2.Butter Chicken:

The very classic butter chicken is unknown to none. Juicy pieces of chicken in a deliciously rich gravy is loved by all. While it may not be originated in Punjab, it was invented by a Punjabi family so that counts, right? No celebration is complete without butter chicken.

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3.Chole Bhature:

This dish might easily be the most popular Punjabi dish which is served in almost all fast food restaurants now. It is perfect for when you feel like indulging a little. The chole is supposed to be spicy and bhaturas are extremely soft which makes it the go-to Punjabi dish when you want to eat something spicy.

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4.Amritsari Fish:

A treat for all the fish-lovers. Marinated in a spicy batter and deep-fried to golden perfection. This is either eaten with naan or just like that since it is a dry fish. The fish is juicy and succulent on the inside while being spicy.

Amritsari fish
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No matter who you’re or where you’re from, chances are you have tried a parantha at least once in your life. Be it plain or stuffed, this is the staple of each Punjabi household. Even while traveling, parantha is the most preferred dish to have at a dhaba. Parantha with some cold curd, pickle and a cup of chai makes for a perfect meal.

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6.Sarson Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti:

This is a winter delicacy, it can be found in all restaurants as a specialty.

Makki ki roti is a bread made of maize flour (cornflower) and Sarson ka saag is a spicy dish made of spinach. Tastes amazing with a dollop of desi ghee or white butter on top of the saag.

Makki ki roti can also be accompanied with jaggery (Gur) to have as a dessert

Makke di roti and sarson ka saag

7.Karha Prasad:

If there’s anything else a gurudwara is famous for apart from tranquillity, kindness and their open kitchens, it is the karha prasad. Made with equal parts of sooji or flour, butter and sugar, it’s a dish that screams love and warmheartedness.

karha prasad
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8.Paneer Tikka:

For that unexpected get together, you can never go wrong with paneer tikka as starters. Soft, chunky pieces of paneer(cottage cheese) marinated in a spicy batter and grilled on skewers. Served hot.

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9.Pakoda Kadhi:

Kadhi is made of curd and spices and fried pakodas are added to it, makes for a perfect lunch or dinner dish. Topped with laal mirch tadka.

pakodi kadhi

10.Ghobi Shalgam Gajar Pickle:

Indians love everything spicy, especially their pickles. This one is made of cauliflower, turnip and, carrot. It is generally a mix of sweet and spicy and goes perfectly with the buttery flavors of Punjabi food.

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Though lassi is meant to be salty and a little bit spicy, it is a drink which originally became famous for its sweet flavor, topped with a dollop of cream and butter to make it as rich as possible. The flavors of mango and rose were later added in the menu to make it a perfect summer drink. Lassi is a drink which can be found in the menu of any eatery, even if it’s not a Punjabi cuisine place.



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