Veg Delights from Varanasi You Should Not Miss

Varanasi, Benaras, Banaras or Kashi, is situated on the banks of river Ganga and is known for its culture and ethnicity. Varanasi is famous for Banarasi Saree, Paan and street food. Food in Varanasi is influenced by the people of Uttar Pradesh and other states like Bihar and West Bengal. Most Varanasi sweets are popular among the people of the city.

Here are the best food items in Varanasi:

1. Malaiyyo or Nimish

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It is a popular street dessert which is only available in winters. Malaiyyo is basically milk froth which is flavoured with saffron and cardamoms and garnished with pistachios and almonds and it melts inside the mouth. It is served in purva or kullhad (small earthen pot) and it may also contain flavoured milk below it. It will dissolve in your mouth and will taste like heaven.

Available at: Chaukambha Gali near Gopal ji Mandir.

2. Kachori Sabzi

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It is the most popular breakfast in Varanasi and hence, a must try for everyone visiting Varanasi. People usually have it after returning from the ghats early in the morning. There are two types of kachoris – badi kachori, which is stuffed with masala stuffed with lentils, and choti kachori, which is stuffed with potato and other vegetables. It is generally eaten along with Jalebis.

Available at: The Ram Bhandar, Thathri Bazaar.

3. Jalebi

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Jalebi is a popular sweet in Varanasi. It is a ring shaped sweet made by deep frying maida flour batter. In other parts of the country, it is generally eaten with rabri but in Varanasi, it is eaten with Kachori Sabzi or Samosa and this combination is worth a try.

Available at: The Ram Bhandar, Thathri Bazaar.

4. Tamatar Chaat

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Chaat is a famous street food around the county but Varanasi has its own version of chaat which may not be found in other cities. This chaat is made with tomatoes and mixed with other spices. It is generally served in Kullhad or Purva (small clay pots) and garnished with paneer, namak pare and chaat masala. Any street food lover visiting Varanasi cannot miss this absolutely amazing item.

Available at: Dina Chaat Bhandar, Luxa Road.

5. Sattu Paratha

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It is made of Sattu or Gram flour, which is stuffed inside wheat flour dough. When eaten with green chutney, it is one of the best things ever. Everybody should try it.

Available at: Tasty King, Cantt Road.

6. Launglata

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It is a sweet which is popularly served with Samosa. Launglata is made with maida, clove (Laung) and stuffed with khowa. It is crunchy from outside and soft inside. It is Bengali in its origin but it is very popular among the local people in Varanasi.

Available at: Madhur Milan, Sigra.

7. Bati Chokha

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The origin of this dish is in Bihar but it is equally popular among folks in Varanasi. Bati is dough ball (which may or may not be stuffed), roasted in cow dung cakes and later, soaked in desi ghee or butter. Chokha is mashed potatoes and eggplant, mixed with spices. It may also be served with Chane ki daal for better taste.

Available at: Bati Chokha Restaurant, Near Anand Mandi Cinema, Teliyabagh.

8. Choora Matar

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Choora matar or chiwda matar, is a different version of poha where beaten rice (choora) is fried in ghee and peas (matar) added to it, along with spices, green garlic chives and coriander. It is too delicious to be left untasted.

Available at: Dina Chaat Bhandar, Luxa Road.

9. Chenna Dahi Vada

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Chhena Dahi-vada is a different version of normal dahi- vada or dahi- bhalla as it is made of chhena and is dipped in sweet curd. Chaat masala and red chilli powder are sprinkled on it but it is majorly sweet in taste. It ias a dish which is completely drool worthy.

Available at: Bengal Sweet House, Bhikaripur, BHU – DLW Road.

10. Thandai and Lassi

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Milk and milk products are favourites of the majority of the population of Varanasi. Thandai can also be called the local soft drink of Varanasi. It is a drink made of seasonal fruits, dry fruits and added essence. Lassi is not an original drink of Varanasi but it is very popular and is served with a layer of rabri on the top and rose water.

Available at: Blue lassi, Kachodi gali, Govindpura.

11. Gulabjamun

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Gulab Jamun is a milk based sweet dish which is popular in India and neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Nepal. The people in Varanasi are fond of sweets and Gulabjamun is undoubtedly one of the favourite sweet dishes of Banarasis.

Available at: Ramman Sav Bhandar, Pandeypur

12. Magdal

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Magdal is an ancient and lesser known sweet from Varanasi. It is made of moong and urad daal. It is garnished with pistachios and other dry fruits. Banarasis take a lot of pride in the origin of this sweet.

Available at: Rajshree Sweets, Kutchery.

13. Laal Peda

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It is a very popular sweet in Varanasi. The uniqueness of this mithai is that it is made by condensing milk up to 6 hours, because of which it turns red in colour. Laal peda from Varanasi is very famous among the natives of the city and the authentic laal peda from Varanasi has started to be sold online.

Available at: Udai Shree Mishthan Bhandar, Near UP College Gate, Bhojubeer.


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