Try These Ten Popular Dishes When You’re in Europe

Europe is so much more than just it’s history, queens and kings, castles and churches. It is also home to varied cuisines and some of the most popular, or rather, interesting food. What and where to eat? Let us show you :

1. Nervetti:

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Nervetti is basically Pig Nerves, and is a very famous bar snack in ‘Italy’. It is chopped up tendons and meat from the foot of a calf. The thing people don’t really prefer is it’s texture. The texture is pretty much “jell-o” like even after mixing with vegetables and seasoning with oil and vinegar.

2. Cavato

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Cavato is horse-meat consumed mostly by the people of Europe, specially ‘Italy’. Horse meat is very high in protein and has half the fat, less cholesterol and twice the Iron and Vitamin B present in beef. It also contains fewer calories.

3. Tripe Soup

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Tripe soup or tripe stew are soup or stew made with intestine. Tripe Chorba is a common dish in Balkan, Eastern European and Middle European cuisines. Also, it is widely considered as a ‘hangover remedy’. It is mainly consumed by people in ‘Romania’.

4. Haggis

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Haggis, a traditional ‘Scottish’ dish, is a pudding like dish which contains sheep’s pluck along with onions, spices, suet, oatmeal and salt and cooked.

5. Pig Ears

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Pig’s ear, is the cooked ear of pig. It is included in a wide variety of cuisines around the world. Pig’s ear, in Lithuania is either served as the main dish with horseradish and fresh vegetables or as a bar snack.

6. Frog Legs

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Frog legs are consumed in many parts of the world. It’s one of the very famous delicacies of French and Chinese cuisine.

Frog legs are consumed by many people because of the reasons that they are rich in protein, fatty acids, potassium and Vitamin A. They taste like chicken wings because of their texture and mild flavour.

7. Blood Pancakes

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Blood pancakes are a dish served in Finland, Sweden and Norway made of whippedblood of some animals and other ingredients. These pancakes are similar to black pancakes but are a little thin and crispy.

8. Schmaltz

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Schmaltz is rendered chicken or goose fat used for frying or as a spread on bread in Central European Cuisine. It is loaded with bits of bacon and onions, mostly found and consumed by the people of ‘Germany’.

9.Kepta Duona

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Kepta Duona is a kind of fried bread. A proper English breakfast will often include bread fried in oil, butter, and bacon drippings. A traditional Irish breakfast is usually accompanied by soda bread but in Northern Ireland an Ulster fry can contain fried soda farls – fried brown bread with garlic & cheese mayonise sauce.

10. Olomucke Tvaruzky

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Olomouc cheese is a ripened soft and stinky cheese in Czech Republic, which is easy to identify because of it’s strong smell, distinctive pungent taste and yellow colour. It is named after the city of Olomuc where it was originally sold.

Olomouc is made of cow’s milk without the addition of any colorings, flavourings and stabilizers. It is mostly consumed because of it’s low fat percentage (0.6% fat) .


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