Non- Vegetarian Dishes To Try In Jammu and Kashmir



It is a meat preparation. This is one of the most popular dishes in the Kashmir valley. Majority of the people in Jammu and Kashmir are Muslims so they prefer meat preparations. The dish is usually consumed in winters with the aromatic and famous Basmati rice of Jammu and Kashmir. It is made by making the curry of the dish sour. It is loved by people and is very delicious.


butter chicken

This is a common dish in India but the taste of this dish in Jammu and Kashmir is very different and it is very delicious. It is a very common dish which is consumed by tourists. It is made a bit differently and is very delicious and has the flavor of Jammu and Kashmir.


rogan josh

Slow-cooked lamb in curry with spices. It is one of the popular dishes in Kashmir and is loved by all the tourists who visit the state. It is served with basmati rice and it is very tasty to eat.



This is one of the traditional delicacies of Kashmir. Lamb cooked in yogurt and flavored with mawal flowers, cardamoms, onion, mint leaves, and fennel seeds.



It is an aromatic, spicy and very tasty dish for meat lovers. The ingredients include minced meatballs which are very soft after cooking such that they melt when they are consumed.



It is also known as ‘THE DISH FOR THE KINGS’. This item is mostly prepared on royal occasions. Kashmiri people make this dish using nicely minced meatballs, flavored yogurt, and spices.


Kashmiri mujigaad

It is a dish which is made by using fish with lotus stem which gives it a different taste and the spices added make it hot and spicy and also adds to the flavor and the aroma of the item. It is a festive dish, usually prepared in December.


seekh kebab

Grilled Kebabs have lamb meat as the primary ingredient. Like any other Kebab, these are normally fried or grilled and it’s a treat for the foodies it is a very delicious preparation in the valley.


aab gosht
Image credit: Masterchefu

A milk-based curry of mutton ribs cooked on a low flame with a generous amount of ghee and spices, this dish is a traditional festive item that will be a treat for your taste buds.


Kashmiri chicken pulao
Image credit: Youtube

The rich combination of Kashmiri chilies and desi ghee or clarified butter in this rice delicacy makes for a filling, satisfying meal. The juicy, tender pieces of chicken are full of flavor.


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