Dishes You Must Try When You’re in Melbourne

Melbourne is brimmed with cultures, and a lot of it reflects on the cuisine, lifestyle and atmosphere there. The food in Melbourne is quite similar to the traditional food of Australia and therefore most of it can be found in the rest of the cities and states as well.

Here’s a list of dishes you must try while you’re enjoying your stay in Melbourne.

1. Margherita Pizza

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This much-loved pizza all over the world marks its a presence in every corner of Melbourne. The tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza seems simple to nail but requires double the efforts. The 400 Gradi in Brunswick serves some of the best Margherita Pizzas in the city.

2. Meringues

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This French, Swiss and Italian dessert is found in a lot of places in Melbourne too. This traditional dessert made out of whipped egg whites, lemon and sugar is available in varieties like toasted meringues, lemon meringue tarts and many more. This wonderful delicacy can be found in almost every patisserie.

3. Risotto

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This Italian creamy rice dish is cooked in many ways. In Melbourne, you will find various places where many types of this dish are served. Pesto risotto, eel risotto and mushroom risotto are the preparations commonly found. Thus, this Italian dish has a large fanbase in Australia too.

4. Pavlova

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This meringue dessert with a crispy crust and light filling is very famous in the city. The Rainbow Pavlova is a must try at the dessert café Chokolait. Moreover, the coconut pavlova with passionfruit jam and lychees is also very famous.

5. Roasted Duck

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This juicy duck meat dish with a crispy layering has many authentic versions. Some of the best roast duck is available in Melbourne and it is a must try for meat lovers. Roast duck dumplings, roast duck leg red curry, coconut roast duck are some of the roast duck dishes.

6. Lasagna

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The very popular baked pasta dish although has an Italian origin can be traced in Melbourne with Australian hints. Although lasagna is found in almost every restaurant in the city, the 39 layered lasagna of +39 Pizzeria is indeed a must try. The basic stacked layers of pasta with sauces, meat, vegetables and melted cheese are taken up a notch in the eateries of Melbourne.

7. Meat Pies

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The hand sized pie filled with minced meat and vegetables or cheese is an iconic and authentic snack in Australia. The generously stuffed and seasoned meat pies can be found in every street of Melbourne. The beef, red wine and mushroom meat pie at the Babka’s as well as the spinach and cheese triangle at the A1 bakery are some of the most loved.

8. Barramundi

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The Barramundi fish or the Asian Sea Bass are indeed a fresh catch in the restaurants of Melbourne. The tender flesh of the fish is rich in natural oils. The fish is paired up with some delicious gravies, seasoning and is served to the food enthusiasts. Locals as well as tourists enjoy the Fish and Chips which is a famous form of this fish. The Wild Barramundi Noodles at the very famous Flower Drum is a must try too.

9. Lamingtons

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The ‘National Cake of Australia’ marks its presence in every corner of Melbourne. The butter or sponge cake coated with chocolate ganache and desiccated coconut along with its variants are available in many of the cafés, restaurants and pâtissiers.

10. Barbecues

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Australia’s weather serves just perfect for the barbecues. Snags in rolls or in slices of bread right from out of the butcher’s and on the barbecue with your favorite sauces have to be enjoyed when in Melbourne.

11. Tiramisu

The coffee flavored desserts are a common street dessert very easily found in Melbourne. The coffee whipped cream and cake combination is an amazing treat to relish.

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12. Sorbets

Sorbets are frozen desserts with different flavorings to sweetened water. Blood orange sorbet, mango sorbet, chocolate sorbets and a million more flavors are worth getting your hands on them.

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13. Lamb

When you’re thinking of meat and street food in Melbourne, you just cannot skip lamb dishes. Lamb with cucumber, lamb ribs, lamb fillet souvlaki, lamb and pumpkin and lamb cutlets are some of the famous lamb dishes.

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14. Burgers

Burgers can be found all over the world but, there is nothing like the fresh, delicious, unique and flavorful burgers of Melbourne. From Chicken burgers to Beef burgers, and from Bogan burgers to very fancy veggie burgers everything is a must try.

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15. Kangaroo Meat

You just cannot afford to leave Melbourne without trying the juicy kangaroo meat. Some of the best kangaroo meat dishes are available in Victoria and many other places. The tender juicy meat dish is a must try.

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These are some of the best picks from the various delicacies found in Melbourne. As you travel the beautiful scenic place from verdant parks to pristine riverbanks, these are some delicious snacks you just cannot afford to miss!

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