10 Summer Chillers to Try When In India

To beat this summer heat, a one needs to have a cold drink to keep them hydrated and cool. Here we bring to you our top 10 traditional summer drinks that’ll help you in beating the heat.

Aam Panna

Aam panna is also known as “keri ka panna” is made out of raw mangoes (keri). It is usually consumed in summers as it helps in staying hydrated and also tastes fresh and gives a tangy flavor.

Chaas (chhaach)

It is a curd based drink popular everywhere in India also known as Buttermilk. It works as a heat resistant drink in these hot sunny days. Chaas is a combination of curd and different flavored spices, but mostly contains mint leaves. It has its benefits too as it is consumed after having a spicy meal to keep your stomach calm.


Ah! The best of all. Thandai is milk based drink which consists of almonds, rose petals, saffron, cardamom, fennel seeds and sugar. It is a very rich drink and tastes delightful. It comes with some healthy benefits and gives you a hint of freshness when consumed.


It is a blend of yogurt, mint and water and sometimes sugar is added too. You can find this super light summer chiller almost everywhere in India. Sometimes Lassi is incorporated with fruits and it tastes amazingly delicious.

Jal Jeera

Jal Jeera is a drink that can be had anytime as it’s always served chilled. It is a water based drink mixed with cumin powdered spice. Sometime lemonade is added too in this drink to make it extra flavorful. It is also consumed before or after a meal to tone down the acidity.

Nimbu Pani

Nimbu Pani is also known as Lemonade and you can find this anywhere but roadside nimbu pani has its own taste. Nimbu pani is sometimes water based and sometimes soda based. Also, you’ll find nimbu pani added with different flavors as well, like; orange, rose, cola, etc.


Aamras means mango juice, which is served here as a dessert too. Rich in taste and looks as sometimes Aamras has almonds, saffron, etc. It’s a must have people.


It is a summer cooler and also a dessert. Falooda is a milk and rose syrup based drink and some other ingredients are added as well, such as; sweet basil, vermicelli, different nuts and sometimes ice cream. It’s a delight!

Khus Sharbat

Khas sharbat is made of vetiver grass’s syrup, water/milk, sugar and essence. Khus is known for its cooling properties which helps a lot in summers and it can found at most of the Indian households.

Coconut Tender Water or Coconut Crush

Served directly out of a coconut and the crush is made of coconut water and the cream inside a coconut. Super rich and organic!

Let’s kill this hot shot with a chill drink!


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