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10 Street Foods to Try When You’re in Mexico

Mexico is one of the best countries when it comes to street food. Mexican street food is also called antojitos, which translates into little cravings. While most of these foods are eaten as snacks, they are usually so good that they can definitely replace a full meal. Whether you are craving something spicy or sweet, want to try dishes such as tacos in their place of origin, or are just looking for healthy food options, Mexico is the place to go. Whether you’re looking for classic Mexican street food, or want to try something less-known, this list covers it all.


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Can a trip to Mexico be complete without having a taco? They consist of an outer tortilla layer made from corn or wheat flour, and fillings which can vary to a large extent. The shell is usually soft, but it can be crunchy as well. It may be stuffed with the meat, or vegetarian options such as cheese and beans. Tacos are usually spicy, like most of the other Mexican cuisine.


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The name of this food comes from the word “quesa” which means cheese. They are made from tortillas which are folded in half with cheese inside. They can be grilled or deep fried. Besides cheese, they may have other fillings such as meat, mushrooms or chilli peppers.


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These are a type of Mexican Pizza found particularly in Oaxaca. They are made with large and crispy tortillas which are used as a base. The toppings include pork fat, beans, salsa, avocados, cabbage or lettuce and meat. A generous helping of the local Oaxaca cheese is also present.


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These are of Spanish origin but they have become a staple part of Mexican street food. These sweet delicacies consist of a choux pastry, which is basically a sweet dough. They are evenly deep fried and sprinkled with castor sugar or powdered sugar. They are also drizzled with chocolate a lot of times.


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These are made from corn dough, which is wrapped within corn husk or a banana leaf and steamed. They come in a variety of flavors, and can be either sweet or savory. The fillings usually include salsa, meat, chillies and cheese for savory versions, and fruit, cinnamon and raisins in the sweet one.  


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If you like carbs and spicy food, you can’t skip this particular dish. Pambazos are sandwiches that have a distinctive red bread. The color comes from all the chili sauce the bread is covered with. The fillings consist of chorizo and potatoes which are simple yet flavorful. The cheese and lettuce topping makes these even better.


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One of the healthier options on the list, elotes are made by boiling or grilling corn. The corn is usually served on the cob but can also be cut in the form of kernels. Mayonnaise, salsa, chili, lime juice and cheese are added to give this dish some interesting flavors.


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These are classic comfort foods, made from flour tortillas. The filling consists of meat and cheese traditionally, but these days a lot of variations exist. The tortilla is wrapped around the filling in the form of a cylinder, and might be grilled or steamed.


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Another dessert on this list, marquesitas bring together some amazing flavors. They are made by combining grated cheese and melted Nutella inside a crunchy crepe shell. On top of this, they are topped with hazelnut chocolate and more cheese.


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These are rolls which are cut to make thick sandwich like dishes. They contain bean paste, mayonnaise, salsa, avocados, tomatoes, meat, jalapenos and other fillings. They can be served either hot or cold.

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